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09/23/18 07:07 AM #33    


Karl Winton



After reading these posts I was sorry I was unable to attend.  I am glad all had fun.  It sounds like the committee did a great job.  Here’s to hoping I can make it another year.



09/23/18 08:28 PM #34    


Grace Scimone (Southland)

I just want to add my thanks to our reunion committee for doing such a great job. I really enjoyed getting to visit with a lot of old friends again and I had a wonderful time. Hope to see you all again at the next one!


09/24/18 01:10 PM #35    


Tracy Kiernan (McCaffrey)

I am also sorry Jerry and I could not attend this year. In response to my dearest friend and sister, I'm with you! I hope we can all get together and celebrate with our classmates next year. You're backyard is a perfect place to gather. A special thanks to our amazing reunion committee for their tireless efforts to keep us together. All your efforts are appreciated.



09/25/18 09:58 AM #36    

Bonnie Hawkins (Feazel)

It was brought up at the reunion that many of us live in Florida now and would like to have a reunion down here. Of course, it should be during the cooler months in Florida so snowbirds can attend. There were 2 multi-class reunions in St. Augustine several years ago that were successes. Let me know your thoughts and I will work with some of the others living here to see what we can do. Maybe 2020.

09/25/18 11:12 AM #37    


Pegge Tinker (Strella)

I know Barbara Wood was also talking about putting something together. Maybe you two could connect with each other and work something out. It all sounds good to me!!

09/26/18 12:58 PM #38    


Deborah Pace (Pagliaro)

I live in Bonita Springs, FL........still working part time, but I’m sure I can find time to help with a NHS/Florida get together.  Email is:             Debbie (Pace) Pagliaro 





09/26/18 08:55 PM #39    


Sandra Clark

I continue to embrace and hold dear the magical moments of sharing our 50th reunion with so many classmates.  We didn't need a band to provide the entertainment - we had ourselves, classmate Ted & his bagpippers & Booze Brothers Bill & Randy.

Many thanks to our reunion committee who provided their time, efforts & continued interest in bringing us all together to share this milestone 50th reunion at harborside Northport Yacht Club.

A special treat was meeting many classmates from the school years at Ocean Avenue  Thanks again to everyone for all the memorable moments shared during our reunion.  Till we meet again.........

09/27/18 03:09 PM #40    


Dale Drant (Mullan-Ballenger)

I'm sorry I missed the reunion. It sounds like you all had a great time.  I think having a reunion in St. Augustine, Fl. would be great.  My older brother went to one of them, and he said it was wonderful.  Hope you can get enough classmates to agree.

09/29/18 06:15 PM #41    


George Tripler

I could have danced with Fazio all night long

09/30/18 01:06 PM #42    


Mary E. Martin (Valentine)

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Wish I had been able to be with you. It was looking good for a while but hurrican Florence arriving in NC made it impossible to get a plane back from NY. I certainly would like to be added to the list of those meeting in Florida, not that far from Charlotte. Mary

10/01/18 11:13 AM #43    

Bonnie Hawkins (Feazel)

I am so glad that some others would like to do a Florida reunion. I will start looking for venues and prices. It will be nice to have a historic place with sites to visit. Everyone is invited, not just those living in Florida.

10/01/18 05:00 PM #44    


Deborah Pace (Pagliaro)

I’d love to help.... I live on Fl west coast in Bonita Springs.  Debbie 

10/03/18 02:36 PM #45    


Ingrid Ommundsen (Gianoutsos)

I’m hoping some of the group and candid pictures taken at the reunion can find there way to this website. It would be a welcomed pictorial for both those who attended and those who were unable to make it. Classmates please continue to pursue the classmates we have been unable to find on the web site. Looking forward to crossing paths with everyone again soon. Stay healthy everyone.

10/04/18 11:59 AM #46    


Kenneth Schneider

You are so right Ingrid. I was unable to make it as the storm was to hit close to where I live.  My wife was not coming with me so she would have been alone.  Any way I would love to see photos. It would bee nice to at least see every body even if I could not talk with some or all.  Also let me ask any and all of you if you have any leads as to where Lillian Porti might be.   I lost track of her sometime in 69 while in the Navy.   I would love to try to touch base again.  So any help would be great.  Ken

10/05/18 11:56 AM #47    


Christina Gustavsson

I was not able to travel back to the states this year, but it sure would have been fun to meet you all. The future Florida option sounds interesting, as I have family in the Boca Raton area that I visit. So that's a definite maybe. Keep me in the loop. 

10/11/18 11:22 AM #48    

Karen Tinley

Sending a big 'thank you' to the planning committee of our 50th Reunion.  Although this message is weeks late, it is no less heartfelt.  I find myself thinking about all the work and every thoughtful detail that helped make our evening so special.  As many have said, it was a wonderful time to reconnect with old friends and, yes, make new ones with classmates that you'd see in the hallways but didn't really 'know' until that weekend.  I'm looking forward to keeping the connections alive and well.  Karen

10/12/18 03:50 PM #49    

Bonnie Hawkins (Feazel)

Had posted a request for input for a Florida reunion over a week ago but have not seen an approval for it yet. Anyone interested in helping or sharing ideas, please contact me here or on facebook. I'm thinking March or April 2020.

10/13/18 10:27 AM #50    


William Walsh

Hi Bonnie, It sounds like a great idea, as long as Randy & I don't have to do any dancing! Go for it!

10/13/18 03:56 PM #51    


Deborah Pace (Pagliaro)

I’d like to volunteer to help Bonnie organize a NHS Florida reunion. After communicating with Bonnie, we are considering Orlando since it is in central FL plus it has tons of hotels and venues available.  Doing something in March 2019 might work, as long as it’s not Spring Break week, as that would be an expensive time down here. I understand we have some classmates familiar with that area, who can provide a good starting point. I’m about 3 1/2 hours from Orlando, but that wouldn’t stop me from coming.  Come on Floridians... let’s hear from you!

10/17/18 08:50 PM #52    


Gail Spera (Vilot)

I live in Melbourne Florida, so you can count me in to help with a Florida reunion.


10/18/18 10:59 AM #53    


Sharon Kreder

It was great seeing everyone and reconnecting at the 50th. And I love, love the idea of doing a south reunion in Florida!!  To continue the fun and get out of the northeast in March--one could ask for nothing more.  I am happy to help from a distance. 

10/18/18 01:52 PM #54    

Bonnie Hawkins (Feazel)

Thanks to everyone offering to help with the Florida reunion. Looking for march 2020. That way we will have ample time to plan. Jeff Beytin has also said he can check in the venice area. Orlando sounds good because there are so many different things to do there.

10/19/18 11:35 AM #55    


Deborah Pace (Pagliaro)

Bonnie is correct...Spring of 2019 wouldn’t give us enough time to plan a great get-together. Best to focus on Spring 2020......I do think Orlando has the best airport access as well as hotels and entertainment.  If anyone is working in the hotel industry, would love to hear from you..

10/19/18 12:08 PM #56    


Kenneth Schneider

  I am open to any place or time (except hurricane season)  I was looking forward to being there this year so will try my best to see you all at the next one   Ken

10/27/18 10:51 PM #57    


Robert McDonald

NY bound tomorrow bright and early.  Anyone for a small group meeting for lunch or early dinner during the week?  My cel # 832-816-4189.    

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