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01/11/11 09:19 PM #1    


Pegge Tinker (Strella)

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02/28/13 04:29 PM #2    

Susan Pettengill (Vani)

I've never been to a reunion before. Can someone tell me more or less what to expect and how I can prepare and contribute something to the event? I notice the hotel rental is for several days. What activities are going on and when?

I'm feeling a bit hesitant,  but as of now am planning to come.

04/10/13 07:37 PM #3    

Pauline Loggia

I am so saddened that we have lost so many of our classmates.  I know that we all have grown older, but some were taken in the prime of their life.  And I do believe we have a lot of living yet to live.

07/29/13 12:19 PM #4    

Bonnie Hawkins (Feazel)

Have returned home safe and sound after a fun week in NY. I thoroughly enjoyed the reunion this weekend and personally want to thank the committee members for doing such a great job! I am already looking forward to our 50th.

Everyone stay healthy and happy and keep in touch!


07/29/13 02:55 PM #5    

Patricia Schmitt (Amore)




My husband and I  personally want to thank the committee members for doing such a great job at the 45th High School Reunion.  It was very sad to see how many classmates we lost.





08/08/13 03:32 PM #6    

Toni Lynn Arcuni (Bryant)

We had a great time at our 45th Class Reunion and it was great seeing old classmates.  The best part was meeting old classmates who we really didn't know in school.  We often have so much more in common now that we are adults.

I do believe we need to make sure we get a group photo at the 50th.  I still have the one taken at the 20th and it sure brings back a lot of memories.  Thank you committee for helping us reconnect.

08/08/13 11:37 PM #7    

Edward Fenning

I had a very good time at the reunion, seeing everyone again.  The evening went much too fast!  I would like to thank our reunion committee for all their hard work to make the evening a success for all of us.  Can't wait until the 50th!

08/15/13 06:33 PM #8    

Anton Angelich

The Reunion was just great! 

I'm still chuckling about some of the stories we  shared about our bad teenage  behavior!

Thank you Reunion Committee members for all your hard work. It is much appreciated.

03/05/15 04:55 PM #9    


Thomas Stephens

So...any inkling as if and when a reunion of sorts may take place this year????

Getting nostalgic.

02/03/16 08:41 PM #10    


Michael Autuori






I have noticed that in memory we have classmates and friends with no comment about theirs lives they were ours friends and classmates any of us who knew them please pass on a memory about theirs lives.                        They say we die 3 times when our hearts stop,when we are buried,and when your name is no longer mention .Lets keep all of classmates mention.

02/04/16 11:28 AM #11    


Dale Drant (Mullan-Ballenger)

Beautiful said Michael. It's sad to see so many have passed, but at least we can keep our memories of them going.

02/05/16 10:17 AM #12    


Jeffrey Beytin

  Michael, this is so true. We have indeed lost a great deal of our classmates and friends over the years. Although we didn't know everyone in the class, our hearts certainly go out to their families and friends.

Hopefully,  at our next class reunion,we can all be there and be thankful that were able to be there and raise a glass to honor all those we have lost .


05/13/17 04:14 PM #13    

Ernest Kostner

Well said Michael,

I have never noticed the message board in the past, but your point is well taken.

Looking forward to the Big reunion. If we could all roll back the hands of time and be smarter for our experiences we probably would have done some  things differently.

Hope this note finds all well......

03/11/18 12:17 PM #14    


Barbara Hoffmann (Underwood)

Our 50th Reunion Committee has been nice enough to block some hotel rooms for our reunion (Geez, 50!) in September.  The hotel properties are the Hampton and the Radisson.  It has been many years since I lived in Northport, or had family there, so I have no idea which hotel property to pick.  The room rates are the same, so price is not an issue.  It would be great if someone who lives in the area would recommend one or the other.  Also... It would be fun to stay where most of us will be “hobbling” in.  

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.   

~Barb (Hoffmann) Underwood


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