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06/07/19 05:22 PM #60    

J. N. (Jamie) Greenlees

This is great news and I am looking forward to Venice (FL) in April 2020! The pool looks great.

11/04/19 04:38 PM #61    


Ingrid Ommundsen (Gianoutsos)

It is unclear where to post confirmation to the April 2020 reunion in Florida so I'm using the message page to confirm Ingrid Ommundsen Gianoutsos 4330 Antietam Creek Trl Leesburg Fl 34748,is attending the April 2020 reunion in Venus Florida. I am a 1968 Npt HS grad. Phone 303 809-9391. My sister Kirsten Ommundsen Robertson 1967 grad will also attend with me. We booked 2 nights at the hotel on the 17 & 18 th of April 2020 and also paid for two buffet meals on the 18th. Airline ticket from NY are already secured by my sister. Please let me know if additional information is needed. Sincerely Ingrid 



11/06/19 08:14 AM #62    

Bonnie Hawkins (Feazel)

Since this is an ALL class reunion in Venice,Florida, we have set up a gmail account to confirm if you are coming. The address is
Payments for the event($115) can be made directly thru the Hotel Venezia by calling 941-308-7700. We will be posting more info as the date nears.

11/07/19 08:53 AM #63    


Sherry Ott (Villano) ((Kerstetter))

Hello Ingrid, yes we received your confirmation on our Gmail account <>      on October 14 & 15 when you & I conversed back & forth.  Sorry about the confusion.  We truly have TRIED to keep it simple <smile>  It's just easier for peeps to contact us through the gmail account so we can get the count straight.  Thanks so much for signing up and traveling to Florida for this event.  We think it's going to be fun. Enjoy your holidays.  Sherry Ott Kerstetter

04/18/20 02:03 PM #64    


Pegge Tinker (Strella)

Well I believe that today is the day we are to share and post our stories and memories to share with our classmates for our virtual class reunion! Well I have one for you all.

During my senior year in HS I only had a few classes each day and left early to go to work. I drove my green VW bug to school each day.  One day I was leaving for work and went out into the parking lot to find that my front seats were missing. It's funny becasue you look into your car and only see what you think is there until you go to sit down and there is nothing to sit on! I was dumbfounded to say the least!

I had no idea what to do. I just stood there is shock. After a few minutes I decided to solisit some help and found Bob Dunn in the commons (when wasn't Bob Dunn in the Commons! Did he ever go to class?) Thank God he was there! 

After showing him my delima, bacause he didn't really believe what I was telling him and after a good half hour of laughing,  he compsoed himself enough to start trying to solve the problem. We went back into the school and found an old milk crate which he took and used as a stool to sit on which enabled him to drive. I got in and sat in the back seat while he drove me home. He had to walk back to the school. He was my knight in shinning armor!

Thank you Bob Dunn for saving me!

(We've always wondered who stole my seats......dune buggies were the rage than so I am sure my seats graced the frame of someone's machine.)

04/18/20 03:41 PM #65    


Tracy Kiernan (McCaffrey)

Hi Everyone! I’m try to collaborate with Faze on our stories. Stand by...

04/18/20 04:12 PM #66    


Robert Campagne

Hello All,

While I was only at Northport for my Jr. and Sr. years I remember them well. Lots of good memories from the wrestling team with Coach DiNuova and summers at the beaches, Crab Meadow Golf Course (worked in the snack bar), and working mowing lawns around town with Brian Flaiz. Quito (Karl De Santos), Jet (James Decker), Bob Tejada, and others.

Bob Campagne


04/18/20 04:46 PM #67    


Tracy Kiernan (McCaffrey)

Hi everyone! Back again. Faze and I tried to write something together but there were technical issues.

Peggy your story about the car seats is really funny. I do remember Bob being a fixture in the commons. Obviously I wasn’t in class. 

Marie Reilly, Annette, Faze, and I use to sneak out of the house all the time. We perfected our technique including bribing Faze’s dog Pepper so he won’t wake everyone up.

Sometimes we’d go pooling hopping. We almost got caught when the homeowners came home. There was no way out of their backyard. Lesson learned! Scout ahead.

Other times, we would go in Marie’s grandparent’s house with Mayo jars and fill them with homemade Giatini wine. Marie lived off Pulaski Road but that didn’t bother us. We would sip wine and talk all night.

Just before school started, we would buy sidewalk chalk and write Northport Tigers everywhere. We gave up toilet papering by then. Our sleepovers, especially outdoors, were perfect ways to go everywhere. We thought it was so cool. Of course we matured senior year. Faze had the Chevy! Trips to the barn and Crabmeadow were great fun!


04/18/20 06:33 PM #68    


Patrick Bergin

High School was so long ago and Northport is so far from here that most memories seem to get blended with all the places i have traveled and friends i made along the way, especially as i get older. However, all I have to do is open our yearbook and the faces become the fuel that sparks many happy thoughts and memories from a younger time. I do remember with a smile the ‘sit in’ held in the commons and the unity of so many our class members coming together to let our voices be heard and our defiance of overwhelming control be known. Like browsing through our yearbook, reading your comments and posts written here also brings a smile and triggers those great memories.  Thanks ‘Tink’ for coming up with this great idea to experience our friends again.

04/18/20 07:17 PM #69    

Bonnie Hawkins (Feazel)

I tried to set up a Zoom meeting for this virtual reunion, but it gave me a bit of trouble.
I remember the one and only day I cut school for the whole day with a fake independent study form, I got caught after scholl was out. Cathy Terry and I had a great time though. I love getting in touch with everyone inline. Hope to see a lot of you on October 24th in Venice.

04/18/20 07:47 PM #70    


Katharine Cangelosi

Here we are, celebrating not celebrating??  Virtually celebrating??  At home together??  It's April 18th and I wish I was in Florida with my classmates.  But it was not to be.  Instead, I am "sheltering in place" at home.  I send my best wishes to all and hope we can meet in October. *** I mentioned previously that my car ran out of gas in East Northport right next to a gas station.  There is actually more to the story.  When the car stalled and the engine cut off I steered to the side of the road.  I tried to keep starting it and had no idea what was wrong.  I finally went up to a nice guy at the gas station who came over, tried to start it, checked a few things out and then told me my gas tank needle was on empty.  Akward!  He brought me a gallon of gas and soon I was on my way home, blaming my parents when I got there.  They were supposed to keep the tank full, right?  Or so I thought....*** Seems like everyone has a Faze story, so I'll add mine.  We shared a room at Bucknell during band camp.  She started a game of poker on the floor of the room as a few people wandered in. I went over to join, saying "Deal me in."  At the end of senior year I open up the yearbook to see printed next to my photo "Deal me in."

04/18/20 09:19 PM #71    


Theresa (Terry) O'Shaughnessy (Smildsin)

Here's a strange memory that just popped into my head. I'm not sure of the year, but I attended a live rock concert at the Northport movie theatre. I don't remember all the performers, but I know The Earls and the Bobbettes were on the roster. Toward the end of the show, the MC picked me to come up on the stage and re-introduce an act. He thrust a microphone into my face and asked me what the Earls' most famous song was. I nervously sputtered, "I Believe." His shoulders shook and he replied, you believe it's Remeber Then." I was mortified. True story. 
Thinking of all you tonight and our beloved Northport, and praying you remain safe.



04/19/20 07:55 AM #72    


Tracy Kiernan (McCaffrey)

Hi Terry,

Great story! I worked at the theater when Dickie Ryan manage it. He always talked about the groups that played there and wanted to bring back featuring oldies groups. Take good care. 





04/19/20 12:07 PM #73    


Katharine Cangelosi

Nice memories of the Northport Theater.  i have a recent memory.  Last fall, my sister Betsy (class of 1972) and our husbands and I went out  to see a live show (Sunset Blvd.)  at the theater.  We hadn't been there in ages. The  theater was nicely renovated and restored in a 50s-ish style.  We had lunch in a nearby restaurant before the show and then walked around.  When we got to the Sweet Shop, we had to return to the theater quickly to make the curtain time, but we wanted ice cream!.  We weren't sure what time the show would be over, but Pete said he would keep the store open until we got back.  We rushed back to Pete's and it was around 6 pm.  He was there cleaning up and served us our ice cream cones.  We thanked him and left, relishing that ice cream, and the hometown feeling we get every time we go back.

04/19/20 01:26 PM #74    


Gail Spera (Vilot)

OK here we go...

9th grade canteen, learning to dance with Pegge Tinker, afterward going to Shake N Pizza. Summer at Ashroken beach, and the amazing parties at Besty Meyers house. Getting ready at Pegge's house with Margaret O' Brien, Jan Gray and Kathy Bannon for the CYO dances. Going over to Chesca Galvins house after school .10 grade split session, and having to walk to school, running from the horses where I took my short cut. Getting wet all the time from the rainfalls!!  The great black-out and Pegge getting to spend the night at my house. Learning to water ski with Marilyn Dart. The crazy Halloween egg fights at Ocean Ave School. Sitting on the Wall in downtown Northport.  Taking driving lesson, Randy Kopke was in my car..."need I say more"!  Bob Dunn always being there to pick us up after school to make sure we got home! TY Bob. My first pair f panty hose!  Going to the Words Fair with the girls, Learning to Drive with Dave Dunham...cutting school and passing Dr Alidise! Got in lots of trouble that day! Great school band!  League 1 Champions in Football. Lifelong Friends as a result and great memories.  Until next year...

04/19/20 06:26 PM #75    


Deborah Pace (Pagliaro)


Well....I thought I submitted this last night....but....I probably forgot to hit "send".  That's what happens when you're turning 70...OMG!

I have a real mixed bag of memories....regarding teachers:  I had Mr Venning for Social Studies...he thought I was a wise one day he told me..."you better pay attention, or you're not gonna pass this class". The sad thing is....I went on to love history as I aged.  Also, Mrs Silverman, the Business Teacher.  God...she was old then...I had her for typing,shorthand and something else I can't remember.  She was a stickler and came down the aisles to monitor your work.  Then, there was physical education.  I recall so vividly how Miss Barley would mark down whether you were prepared for gym class...shirt, shorts, white socks and sneakers.  Do kids still have to do that?  

Remembering the high energy football games, with the band in the bleachers, and on the field...and the best cheerleaders on Long Island.  I still recall the songs they played to psyche-up the crowd.  Also, was so proud of being a NHS Tiger when our band played at Shea Stadium!  How many schools can say that?  

I tell my daughters that we use to be able to smoke in school...they were appalled!  I also relate that all of us saw the amazing Patti Lupone perform in NHS shows...before she was a Broadway star!  I still love her...especially Evita.  

Lastly, I'll never forget how spellbinding high school love affairs were.  As a teen, you think you'll never be able to survive if you break-up.  The prom was a momentous event as well.  Dancing slow to "In the Still of the Night" was so romantic.  I'll probably remember that night, and that guy, for a very long time.



04/19/20 10:19 PM #76    


Patricia Meyers (Sheable)

Today would have been reunion day. They asked us to remember things about school or town. The commons area was a great place to neat friends. I loved chorus we even made a album. I have moved so much the album didn't. I loved going to the beach all the time. I miss it now. Indpls doesn't have any sounds or oceans. I miss vanilla cream sodas at the soda fountain place by the railroad tracks . Salvatores good food. Carvel ice cream cakes for my birthdays. Good pizzas at Eddies. I miss a small town

04/20/20 12:04 PM #77    


Theresa (Terry) O'Shaughnessy (Smildsin)


Dicky Ryan was the best. He used to let me have the Paul Newman marquee posters when his movie runs ended! 💚

04/20/20 12:42 PM #78    


Ingrid Ommundsen (Gianoutsos)

Hi everyone it's Ingrid catching up with the other postings from our postponed Florida reunion April 17-19th 2020. I had to chuckle reading Debbie Pace's girls reaction to students being able to smoke at school. Most of us smartened up and quit long time ago. I think it was more fun trying to sneak a smoke in the girls bathroom at the "new" highs look because Mrs. Rice the bathroom monitor had a nose sharper than a bloodhound. I remember our senior dinner at the Huntington Town House with the memorable chandelier by the large staircase. Many a bride had their photos done at that site. I was surprised when I was back on Long Island to see the Town House torn down.  I'm still hoping to be at an October reunion if everything falls into place by then. Til then everyone stay safe, smart and healthy till we party again. UTube has some great short films of Main Street Northport, The Marina at the head of the harbor and some of the surrounding areas your should investigate. No matter how many locations I've lived Northport and my wonderful memories will always be HOME.

04/20/20 01:08 PM #79    


Kenneth Schneider

I am one more who forgets  Time seems to fly and one day runs into another   It was great to find the computer reunion happened  In reading what every body had to say it sure did bring back a lot of fun times  The beaches during the summer Scudder, Ashroken crab meadow  lots of fun Hay Deborah I too remember Betsy  her dad (Russ) owned Pinewood Dairy my first job was working as  a helper on one of the trucks  a big $7.00 a day big money for a 10 year old   up at 3am but home before noon plenty time to hang at the beach or the soda fountian on Main  I remember the walks to Jr High and both Middle road and the new high school Had to live over a mile for bus I too remember the Northport movie and the East Northport one and how about all the fun at the firemen fair  For me one of the best times was getting my first car  a    56 Mercury station wagon cost all of $90.00  Insurance for the year was @ $200   Bob McDonald  who worked at the Mobil station corner of 25 A  and   Laurel helped get so it would pass inspection  The big thing about all of this was the reaction of my mother and father when I drove it home VERY upset but did come around when i told them i would not need them to pick me up or take me some where  the worst part of High school for me was being dumped by my steady Lillian a month before the prom  Graduation was fun with all of the anticks that went on behind the teachers backs   I am getting long winded so I will cut this of and do some more looking back  All of you stay safe and lets hope we can meet face to face in October

04/20/20 02:16 PM #80    


Robert Dunn

Hi all from hot west palm beach hoping all are well and safe and see many of you in October...One memory was one of my escapades when we were at Middleville in 10th grade after Gym class on a Friday I figured it would be easier to "rinse" out my gym uniform in the sink and hang it in my locker ,,,Well come Monday afternoon when I opened the locker guys were running away it really stunk up the whole locker room needless to say I didnt suit up that day i guess i got a demerit what do guys know about washing clothes....& now recently I heard the EPA is investigating Middleville??? I hope statute of limitation has expired

03/09/21 07:28 AM #81    


Christina Gustavsson

I was unable to post a photo using "Photo Memories" menu, so here it is. Capitol Building, Washington DC 1966 if my memory serves me right.

03/10/21 03:29 PM #82    


Louise Kittel (Mason)

Wonderful photo Chris!  Thanks for posting.  

07/07/21 11:00 AM #83    

Bonnie Hawkins (Feazel)

The All Northport Reunion has been rescheduled for April 22-24, 2022. It is still at the Hotel Venezia in Venice Florida. Cost for rooms is $89 per night and the dinner on Saturday night is $115 per person. Please call the hotel direct at 941-308-7700 to make reservations. Mention it is for the reunion to get the discounted price. You can also pay for the dinner thru the hotel. Any questions, contact myself or Jeff Beytin at

01/18/22 07:54 PM #84    

Bonnie Hawkins (Feazel)

I just sent an email to the Class of 68 about the Northport Florida Reunion on April 22-24. If you are planning to attend please reply to the email address:
This is so we can check the totals without calling the hotel. Thanks

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