Split session at Middleville and going home in the dark.

First Days at the "New High School"; drop lights in the halls, no gym floor, nowhere to sit in the auditorium.

Our "clothing": mini skirts, fish net stockings, "dickies," empire and shirtwaist dresses, tight jeans, white lipstick and white eye shadow, bell bottoms, beer flip-top necklaces, monogram pins, long hair (ironed if necessary), the "flip," and being sent home for "improper attire."

Our Class: Sweethearts, Flirts, Most Athletic, Best Looking, Most Likely to Succeed, Most School Spirited, Most Musical, Friendliest, Most Helpful to the School, Most Sophisticated, Most Dramatic, Best Dressed, Einsteins, Most Uninhibited.

Some of our "Nicknames": Buzz, Herb, Hemi, Tink, Gus, Woody, Nuge, Birdlegs, Sauce, Kito, Turtle, Puddi, Gidge, Faze, Eke, Hoffie, Weazel, Dede, Snatch, Minne, Sam, Quinto, Little One, the Tank, Toodles, Spareribs, Lizard, Swamp, Luigie, the Big Three, and Acorns.

Our "Wheels": GTO, Mustangs, Corvettes, English Fords, Red Impala, the "Black Rat," the "Rat Patrol," Landrover, Volkswagons (with and without seats).

Our "Sayings": Cool, groovy, sharp, head, give me a break, far out, this is bush, this is beat, psychedelic, do your own thing.

Our "Parties": At the beach- Sluice, Makamar (with monster), Asharoken, Sand City, Hamptons, Crabmeadow and Football. At our homes: R Hatch, F Ahrenhold, B Walsh, and S Gardiner. 

Places we "hung out": the "Wall," the movie theater, Elwood Diner, Mid-Way, Gorman's Sweet Shop, Salvatores, Hideaway, Frivelous Sals, Conry's, By George, Gunther's, Hullaballu (Vanilla Fudge, Black lights and white bras), Sportsman, S. Gardiner's Rat Den (NDA), P.J. parties, Cruzin' down Main Street (Officer Alteria:"Keep on moving"), Saturday Tiger Games, House of Chan, Holiday Lodge pool (for midnight swims), Morgan's Estate, Halloween (eggs and toilet paper).

School Favorites: Our gym uniforms, Senior well, Senior cafeteria, attendance (Mrs. Geignetter), smoking in the girls/boys room or on the tennis courts, Norman Orenstein, leaving early for work (What did we miss?), Northport Marching Band at Shea Stadium, Commons sit down strike, cast of "On A Clear Day," SEDS, basketball cliff hangers, Olympiad (winning two years in a row), doctor, dentist, and road test appointments, drivers Ed., Senior Day cancelled (made no difference, we made two), the "Graduate" field trip, Catholic Holidays (we were all Catholic then), detention with Mrs. Tinley.

TV and Movies: Psycho, the Graduate, To Sir With Love, Hard Day's Night, Valley of the Dolls, Gerogie Girl, 2001 Space Odessey, Rosemary's Baby, Thomas Crown Affair, Yellow Submarine, Mod Squad, Laugh-In (Sock-It-To-Me), 60 Minutes, Tiny Tim (Tip Toe Through the Tulips).

Woodstock- "Flower Child"

Rock and Roll

Writing your friends exerpts in their year books.

The last day of High School.

The 10th year reunion when Bill Walsh and Randy Kopke were pulling rank in the joke department, causing major side aches.


Mr. Soren's passionate teaching- Steve Ingraham

The carefree, happy times in high school- William Braun

Hanging out with friends in the commons- Michael Morrison

Attending a newly constructed school- Arthur Krouse

Genie Ackerly, "The Lounge," "The Ugly Squad," Anybody from East Northport- John Sullivan

"The Useless Project, " for humanities (Ernie Taub, Esther Scott). I investigated silence, kept a journal and created a book called "Silence."- Elina DeSantos

The day the chemistry teacher (Mr. Kass) balanced a book and a beaker of water on top of Mr. Hosie's open door, and well, you can guess the rest...- Carol Gehricke Mannarino

Graduation Day - James. T. Smith

On senior day watching the library doors get chained and locked by students, right before the end of lunch period. - Robert Hecker Sr.

Fred Bemak & Chris Coyle barking daily in 11th grade math at teach Mr. Valentine. - Leslie LaCombe Ramme

Smoking in the "Lounge"; Mr. Streb; playing basketball & pole vaulting; blowing bubbles.- Roger Ramme

Football games at Northport. - Kirsten Ommundsen Robertson

Band and chorus activities and working in science department. - Monique Humbert Posner

Going to the "Northport Theater" to see the "Graduate" for a social studies field trip. - Christine Wood Brown

Graduating! Washington class trip- summer 1966. Skiing- bus trips - Dennis Hurford

The open air campus style set up of the school.- Rich Mercado

Gathering with friends in the courtyard. - Patricia Griswold Schucker

The summer of '67- Barbara Black Broome

Good friends, SEDS program. - Dale Drant Mullan

The great undefeated football team we had and the snowball fights between classes. - Richard Giannino

Any day in Ernie Taub's Honors English class. - Genevieve Avino Gluege

Getting my own car, going to beach parties. - Susan Keller

The girls, cutting school, and by best friend, Tom Rogers, may he rest in peace. - Michael Hysler

Graduating, summers on the beach and water. - Theresa O'Shaughnessy Smildsin

Playing and winning football championship, beach parties. - Carl Smildsin

Hanging out with friends and having fun.- Laurie Pryor Rosenthal

Driving a 57 Chevy, football, basketball, baseball and the hours of fun with friends in the commons. - Robert Madden

Performing with the Choir at the Spring Concert in the new high school. - Don McGarry

What, only one? All four years were great. - Anthony Crawford

Visiting the "New" High School with boyfriend, Jim Percudani (Class of '66) and etching our names in the brick exterior- Barbara Hoffman Quandt

I'd like to dedicate this space to our good friend Tommy Rogers, who passed on in 1995. We'll always remember. - Jeff Beytin

Biology class with Mrs. Kordell - Cathy Bischoff Dodge

Cruising - football games- Ross Strickland

Hot dog stand at football games, campus players shows, going nuts with Debby. - Jerry Kaplan

"C" Building, sports, friends, and the golf course at Halloween. - Cathy Dickerson Brucker

Coming back to NHS for my senior year being away for 2 1/2 years. - Toni Arcuni Bryant

It was the best of times. - Bonnie Fraser

Graduating and the crush I had on Mr. K.D. - Kathy Gardiner Bridges

Northport H.S. Band - Trudy Kane

Going to summer school at Middleville with my brother Mark (Class of 66) who drove the Eaton's Neck Taxis Service - Kathryn Whiter Robertson

Dancing in the play "My Fair Lady," meeting/dating my future husband "Jay" - Bonnie Welsh

Seeing Lisa Hamilton at the E. Northport Train Station - Dennis Dakin

Graduation - The Lounge - Edward Ferry

Sleepovers with Pegge, Margaret, Chris and Janet. - Gail Spera

Had fun playing basketball on the Girls' Varsity Team and being a member of the Business Honor Society. - Jeanne Busch Larson

The smoking lounge at the old high school (p.s. I am a non-smoker now) - Ingrid Ommundsen Gianoutsos

Opening of "New" HS on Elwood Road and the end of split sessions. - William Lane

Cheerleading - Janet Vassallo Fredrickson

Detention! - Larry Fredrickson

Rehearsals for West Side Story for Mr. Stephans English Class, also our trip to the Statute of Liberty. - Alice Gardiner Bucaria

The Woods for smoking, dots in studyhall, penny candy in English and band trips - Barbara Endee Tillbery

Our trip to Washington, free periods in the Commons, parties on the beach - Robert MCDonald

Looking back on it now, living in a foreign country, just the privilege of experiencing high school has given me memories that the kids here in Germany don't have. There's nothing like it anywhere, especially the school spirit! - Virginia Hannon Cibulka

Graduation - David Altemose

10th & 20th Class Reunions - Robert Sweitzer

Graduation - James Zaleski

The opening of the new NHS building and hanging out in the "Commons" - Debbie Pace Pagliaro

Sports - Meta Folkerts Lippold

Graduating - Heiko Folkerts

Hangingg out with friends Gail, Pat, Laura, Helen, Libby Sue - Carol Brengel Lawrence

Graduation - Kathleen Ryan Stolte

The good times I had along with 12 others with our motorcycles - Fred Amore Jr.

The wonderul friends I made who are still a part of my life (over 30 years), especially Toots - Sue Lovell Easterby

Field Hockey, Volleyball & Softball - Eleanor Minnock Pugh

Band trips to the World's Fair - Joseph Cavaluzzi

Marching band activities - Grace Scimone

Hanging out in the Commons - Gary O'Loughlin

Trips with the High school, especially to the NY World's Fair - Robert Neems

Finally losing weight between my junior and senior years so I didn't graduate as a fat kid. - Bruce Katcher

The Fort Salonga Inn - Andrew Wick

Saturday Football Games - Roberta Hamfelt

English Ford, Carla, Tongue & All, Nite towing service at the beach, reg, the Koolaide Girls, Mr. Meyer & the TERN (pump?) - Bruce Grasley

School plays, lasting school friendships since Ocean Ave School and Beach party for Prom Night - Sandra Clark

Mr. Streitwerser Political Science Class, me on the right and him on the Left - Michael O'Donohoe

Graduating - Linda Richter O'Donohoe

Friends: Tony, Paul S., Joe Gav., Ed & Srt R., Wrestling, Ice Hockey, Mouse to Moose - Bill Kennard

Becoming a senior - Karen Kwias Gardner

Working on school plays; water skiing with my friends in the summer - Judy Tripler Katz

Prom 1966 - Mark and I have been together since that night - Catherine Terry Whiter

The Prom, needed a date and asked my future wife.  The rest is history - Mark Whiter

The prom with Jackie, Randy & Bill - Dale McKibben










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